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"Tao that can be expressed in words is not Tao" : Lao-Ji. The same applies to art.


photo expedition


Travel to amazing places on the planet

Man is born a traveler

Only the sky above my head is free...



Recommended photo tours of our participants to the most amazing places on the planet.

Photo tour to Vietnam

  From €1399


This is a journey through

provincial Vietnam

Stunning scenery of rice terraces combined with people's life



19.05 -02.06/23

One place.



Photo tour to Norway

From €1199


Lofoten Islands

Senja and all the best in northern Norway



14.06 -22.06/23

Two places.



Photo tour to Iceland 

From €1599


A tour that combines the best of the Center and

Golden Ring of Iceland

Waterfalls, Glaciers, lava fields, craters

Geysers, colored lands and more




Group recruited




Photo tour to Japan 

From €1899

Culture and History of Japan

Temples, Fuji, geishas, Tokyo and Kyoto...


Photo tour to Algeria

From €1699


Sahara Desert. sand dunes

Travel and life in the desert

The best places for photography

Photo expedition within 8 days.








It is difficult for one person to climb Everest, for another to get out of bed .


He who conquers others is strong

He who conquers HIMSELF is powerful. Lao Ji©


“Excellent photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field.” – Peter Adams