ABY photo tours: general regulations, rules.

Meeting point;

Participants of ABY photo tours and photo expeditions meet at the indicated place by the leader or representative of the group. Most often this is the airport of the host country. Each participant must independently control the time of transfer from flight to flight, take into account distances and movements in the transit zone. In case of unplanned situations, if possible, inform the team leader. Control the movement of your baggage yourself during transit. In case of non-receipt of baggage, measures should be taken immediately to resolve this issue.
Each participant must be on time and on time at the specified place (more often the airport is the place of arrival).


Organization of food and accommodation;
ABY photo tours differ in conditions and catering:
*Three times;
*Two meals a day (breakfast and dinner);
* One-time (breakfast);
*Without providing meals;
 Meals are organized in accordance with the characteristics of a particular place of visit, as well as the host country. When budgeting for a photo tour, we take into account all factors (accommodation, travel around the country, meals, fuel, local guides (if necessary), toll roads, visits to nature reserves, entrance tickets and other expenses). Based on the foregoing, it should be understood how the budget is built and how the final amount of each photo tour is formed. During each tour along the route there is an opportunity for rest and meals.
 Accommodation is organized according to the possibilities and features of each photo tour. See the description of your chosen tour.
Hotels, apartments, hostels, guest houses, mountain shelters, camping tents, outdoor tents.
Route organization;
All exits of our photo tours and photo expeditions to the main points of the route are determined by the group leader. The head of the photo tour determines the time of departure to the point, as well as the departure from it. Therefore, each participant must evaluate their capabilities in order to get up early, get ready and have time to have breakfast. Being late for the scheduled departure time is not welcome.
The leader uses the conditions of the terrain and weather, his own experience, as well as the general physical and psychological preparation of the group members and determines how he should act in a given situation. Under no circumstances should any relocation action be taken without the notification of the team leader. This is especially true for those wishing to independently return to the base (descent from the mountain). The leader must know who and where is. This is necessary in order to understand that everything is in order with the person and he has not disappeared anywhere.
Each participant must take precautions, especially in places dangerous to life and health (steep slope, cliff, mountain river, waterfall, abyss, depth of 500 meters, ice, wet stones, strong wind, thick fog...). A tour participant must understand that his life is more important than a good photo. Look around the area first and then take a picture. Under no circumstances should you risk your own life. For example: walking without the appropriate equipment on the glacier on your own or hovering over a cliff for the right shot.
One way or another, the head of the group is responsible for each participant. Each person has different physical abilities depending on age and profession. Therefore, whenever possible, we can provide the necessary assistance to each other. This is very welcome.
Avoid conflicts with each other. For repeated violations of the above conditions, the participant will be sent home ahead of schedule without a refund.
Despite the good organization and planning of each photo tour, the weather in each host country makes its own adjustments. The itinerary may change and the decision is made by the team leader. As a rule, the group travels by car, less often by public transport (airplane, train) from one point to another, staying nearby for the night. It is important to understand that the priority is the planned places of visit, which we try to get to on time, based on the light features of the day and the task of photographing. On the way we stop for photos and rest. Each member of the group can ask for a stop if he liked something during the movement. However, you need to understand that stops along the route are possible when there is time for this.
Clothing and special equipment for each photo tour is agreed with the group leader.
During the entire photo tour, you can ask for help from the leader of the group, provide all possible assistance to other members of the group.
Your personal data will be used exclusively within the framework of this tour and will in no case be transferred to third parties.


By submitting you agree to the rules.