Gallery of contemporary photography

Artistic images of people

Search for a form of manifestation of the human condition. Eyes, face, arms, legs, the curve of the body or clothes - all these are elements of the space of the frame that work on the image. Each subsequent image is not known to me in advance.
The idea of Portraits-Images is realized when the right situation occurs. I travel the world, I live, I observe, and at the right moment a frame is born. Images existing and non-existent, they cannot be described in words.

The state or emotions of a person are important in the frame at the time of shooting. The image is important even after editing the image. I avoid acting and grooving in models.

The composition of photography helps to realize the most unexpected and incredible images. I'm looking for interesting angles, harmony of light and shadow
In this project, I am not shooting a person, I am creating an image.