Photo tour to Iceland




From €1499


Photo tour to Iceland in summer to the center of the island


From €1499

Photo tours to Iceland in the summer along the Golden Circle

Iceland in winter and spring is something incredible and something cosmic.


This island, an island of volcanic origin, stretches for several thousand kilometers. Imagine, almost nothing grows in Iceland. Bushes, a few planted trees and moss covering the lava fields. It doesn't matter whether we are traveling to the middle of the country or driving around the island, around us are rocks of volcanic origin. Iceland is one continuous volcano! A volcano consisting of thousands of craters....Many places on the island where hot liquid masses break out of the ground to the surface, and what kind of waterfalls are there....... mmm! In my opinion, the waterfalls in Iceland are the most beautiful in the world.


When I first saw Iceland, it immediately became clear to me why cinematographers from all over the world come here. In Iceland, you can easily find space for any fantastic plot, and the black beaches, stretching into infinity, cause a state of detachment.

Being in Iceland, you can understand and feel how our planet was born. The whole space breathes energy. Iceland is not a cut diamond. I would not even be surprised if dinosaurs suddenly ran and accidentally got us to the frame.



A journey to the origins of our Earth or to another planet - that's what you can say about a photo tour of Iceland ..

Photo tour, expedition to Iceland for amateurs and professionals of photography

Group gathering at Keflavik airport.

Throughout the route we live in warm apartments, hotels and guesthouses. Soft beds, linens, warm showers, sockets, internet, kitchen and restaurants.


The route along the "Golden Ring" of Iceland will be 1339 km. The main and most popular places of this magical country of Iceland are concentrated around the island. Throughout the entire route of our route, we make exits from the main road to see and photograph amazing places.
The total length of the route of this tour for 11 days will be about 1600 km.


Waterfalls - Skogafoss, Godafoss, Goodfoss, Aldejarfoss, Selfoss, Seljalandfoss. Every waterfall in Iceland is better than the last. In winter, waterfalls are Magic. Magic of water and ice. We also photograph black volcanic rocks and the beaches of Vik and Stoknes.
 Lava fields and geothermal earth rocks, craters and lakes. If we are lucky with the weather, we will have photos of the largest waterfall in Europe - Dettifoss. Mandatory to visit - a business card of Iceland - Mount Kirkbyufell, ice caves and a glacier. This is an unusual sight when huge pieces of ice are on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. I will show you the secret and not popular places in Iceland.

Photo tour route to Iceland

The photo price includes:

Organized meals (breakfasts), moving around the country (you will be met at the airport and brought back), services of a guide-photographer, driver, assistance in organizing and preparing yourself for the trip, accommodation throughout the tour (hotel, apartments, hostel), master- photography editing and composition classes, organization of this tour.


The tour price does not include:

Schengen visa, insurance, personal expenses, air tickets to Keflavik and back, alcohol, optional excursions, meals (except breakfast). We have the opportunity to eat in cafes along the route, as well as in places of residence.


Iceland is an amazing world, with very changeable weather. By car, you can drive into the snowfall and leave in the spring ... Of course, our bonus is the northern lights and the rookery of fur seals. Those who wish can take a trip on a whale safari.

Be sure to instruct each participant of the photo tour about the necessary things. Warm clothes, a raincoat, mini cats are a must in Iceland in winter.

Each participant takes photographic equipment at his own discretion. The presence of filters, a rain cover for the camera, a tripod and a cable release is desirable!

During our photo tours, interesting people and good photographers gather.
In our free time, we communicate and share skills and experience.
You will definitely see not only a beautiful country, but also bring good photos.

The cost of the tour in Iceland

Price: From €1499


Deposit 30% - prepayment immediately.
Another 40% - 10 days before the start of the tour.
The rest of the amount - upon arrival.



Participants of previous tours get a 7% discount

Bookings from two or more people -7%


The earlier you book, the cheaper.
The cost depends on the number of people in the group.

Be beautiful with yourself.