Photo tour to the Dolomites



Photo tour in the Dolomites, Italy.


On this journey, we visit the brightest, most spectacular places and locations of the Dolomites.
The main goal is the heart of the Dolomite - Tre Cime di Lavaredo.


Santa Magdelena.

One of the first places of the Dolomites photo tour is Santa Magdelena. This is one of the most beautiful churches on the background of expressive mountains. Sophistication and conciseness.. These places are beautiful at any time of the year.

Val Gardena

Most popular place is Val Gardena. In winter, Val Gardena is filled with tourists, lovers of skiing and relaxation in the Alps. Here we meet several sunrises and sunsets. We have to be ready to wake up early in order to catch incredible points and locations in time for a good photo. I really love these places. Here we photograph a lot and often!




Lake Braies

Not far from Tri Cime Auronzo is a beautiful lake - Lake Braies.


Lake Braies is the most popular in the northern part of Italy, and the most beautiful in the Italian Alps. By the way, the settlements of these places have double names. For example, the place is Dobbiaco-Toblach. One Italian name, and the second Austrian.

Many tourists from all over Europe and the world make daily "pilgrimages" to Lake Braies, which is surrounded by high mountains.

 There are many interesting angles on Lake Braies, this is a good opportunity for everyone to realize their creative potential. Lake Braies is a contrast between the silence of the lake and the elements of the mountains. While we are moving by car, the view outside the window is like from the picture. The most important thing is that you can make any of those pictures that you have seen before. And most importantly, you will make your own unique frame!

The weather will be unpredictable in the Dolomites, but it won't stop us from traveling and taking photos.




Tre Cime di Lavaredo.

So; The legendary Tre Cime. It is called the heart of the Dolomites, the culmination of our journey. From this very moment, the photo tour goes into the photo expedition section. After all, we will have to set off on a not difficult route, to be on mountain roads on foot for more than 2 hours. The Italian authorities have made this space a nature reserve, and the majestic Three Peaks have given these places world popularity. We have 2 days and 2 nights to take good photos. You will see for yourself how powerful and beautiful our Planet Earth is.


Tre Cime di Lavaredo is our main place. Sunrises, sunsets, starry sky. Let's push it to the max, and how possible, this place, friends.

The cost of a photo tour in the Dolomites

The group meets at the Venice airport. Venice has 2 international airports. We will meet you in each.

The cost of the tour includes: travel throughout the tour by car, meals (breakfast), accommodation in hotels, apartments and mountain rifugios for the duration of this tour, guide and photographer services, travel organization. For those who wish, help in the post-processing of the footage. Lessons on composition and photo processing.

Theoretical and practical assistance in drone control.


The price does not include: visa, insurance, air travel, additional meals (except breakfast), alcohol, lift tickets (if necessary), personal expenses.


I will show completely unhackneyed views from the top points in the heart of the Dolomites - Tre Cime, as well as Santa Magdalena, Braies, Seceda, Val Gardena, its surroundings, Baita Segantini, Sella Pass, Passo Giau, Lago Limites and much more. .


A photo tour to the Dolomites is a great opportunity to take amazing photos. As you can see from the photos above, each location is a world-class snapshot. Also, despite the popularity of these places, you will definitely find new angles for yourself. Plus, no weather is the same! We will shoot mountain landscapes at sunrise and sunset, as well as at night. In cases of clear skies, we shoot the Milky Way directly above the three peaks - Tre Cime di Lavaredo.


I recommend taking Nd filters and a tripod with you. ND-1000 is my favorite. Among the frozen peaks, the clouds create bizarre patterns at slow shutter speeds. You can take them off even during the day.

In my opinion, the Dolomites are the perfect place for lovers of mountain scenery.


Altitude 2000-3000m - optimal! Well, if you also have a drone, well then FLY.





Price: From €1199

Duration-8 nights.

Deposit - 499 euros.

Full payment in Italy.

Participants of previous tours discount - 7%

Bookings from two or more people -7%

The earlier you book, the cheaper