photo expedition


Travel is the only thing you buy and get richer.

"The goal of art is not to copy nature, but to express it": Balzac

The Art of Photography


"Excellent photography is about depth of feeling, not depth of field": Peter Adams

- Landscape Magic -

What is reality? Is what you see or what you feel real? For me, the world is on the verge of reality.


I love nature and its pristine views. You look and you are fascinated, this is the power underlined by light.


I do not shoot what I see, I shoot what I feel, I give free rein to my imagination, and this is how images are born, not by means of PS. Camera, fantasy and a little bit of PS.

In this project, I do not change the world, I transform it, I bring my imagination into it.

What inspires us to travel?

Why do we buy a plane ticket and fly across the seas and oceans?

What motivates a person to create beauty?

What motivates you to art?

Are you good at taking

incredible art photos?


My friends and I are going on a photo tour. Welcome.

Photo tours to amazing places of the planet.

Photo tour to the Dolomites From €1199

Dolomites of Italy

Three Cime de Lavaredo

Rock tops, mountain plateaus, lakes

Seceda, Santa Mandelena, Lake Braies

16.07 - 24.07/2023

Photo tour to Vietnam
From €1399


Photo expedition to the provincial

Southeast Asia

Women with children and hard work

Rice terraces, bulls and mountain peaks


22.05 - 05.06/2024

26.09 - 07.10/2023




Photo tour to Japan

From €1899


Tokyo and Kyoto. Buddhist temples

Geishas and red maples

Arashiyama Bamboo Forest

And of course FUJIYAMA



04.11 - 15.11/2023

26.03 - 06.04/2024 




Photo tour to Iceland

From €1599

Tour of the brightest places of the island

Lava fields, craters, waterfalls

Colored mountains - wonders of the world

Canyons and glaciers, black beaches...

28.12 - 08.01/2023-24

23.02 - 06.03/2024

Photo tour to Norway
From €1499


Lofoten Islands and Senja

Summer photo tour in Norway

Mountain peaks And the beaches of the Atlantic



08.03 - 16.03/2024 

15.06 - 23.06/2024




Photo tour to Algeria

From €1699

Sahara desert at its best

Fantastic shapes and structures

Sand dunes and ancient rocks

One trip and your photo exhibition

08.02 - 17.02/2024

Phototour Spain-Portugal
From €1499


National parks in the south of the country
Incredible coast of the Atlantic
Rocks of different colors and shapes
Many types of vegetation, wildlife



09.05 - 21.05/2024 

12 days!



Special offers around the world

We will select for you a photo tour to almost any country and place.

You only need to know where and when you want to travel. Indicate the country and wish by dates, as well as special wishes. Then we will contact you as soon as possible and provide detailed information on this photo trip.

We work with the best photo guides around the world.

Photo tour to Baikal in winter and summer 2022.

Photo tour to Kamchatka.

Photo tour to the Kola Peninsula. Northern lights.

Photo tour on Lake Ladoga.

Photo tour to the Kuril Islands 2022.

Photo trip to Degestan.

Photo tour to Ingushetia.

Photo tour to the Chara Sands 2022.

Photo expedition in Chile.

Photo tour to the Caucasus and Altai.

Photo tour to Namibia for 2022.

Photo tour to Bolivia.

Photo tour to Switzerland.

Photo tour in the USA. Reserves for 2022.


Any other places and directions you are interested in.

"People don't make travel

Travel makes people." John Steinbeck


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Hello camera.

What a wonderful invention the camera is. This is an opportunity to capture what you see, and get into history, share your events with friends and family every day.

But the main thing .... The camera has become a tool of knowledge. With the help of a camera, a person strives to know the world and himself.

With the help of a camera, he is realized and turns into a master photographer, and then works of art are born for the whole world. Today, in the modern world, it is difficult to imagine our life without a camera.


Shops, entire cities, computers and mobile devices are equipped with cameras. And the announcement: “You are being filmed by a camera ...” turned our life into a total control of each person. We are always being watched. In one case, the camera is a means to be able to discover oneself and create works of art. Otherwise, it is a means of human control.

Photographer-guide and traveler.

A photo tour is a journey and relaxation with a camera in hand. Photo tours and photo expeditions allow you to view mountains and seas, deserts and big cities of the world in a different (subtly) way. Professional photographers help us to travel and take good photos.

Photographers and guides know not only the perfect location in the country, they know every point. And from this point you can take photos.
 The photographer-guide knows not only dreaminess, he knows how to plan time and understand the space of each country. To make a good professional photo you need a synthesis of a lot of knowledge. This is what distinguishes a regular tour from a photo tour and a photo expedition.
A photo guide is your assistant, organizer, teacher friend!

Photographer services abroad. Photo tour.

During the 8-14 days of the tour, we help the group members become professionals in the field of photography, and discover and conquer another part of the amazing world in which we live.

During the photo tour, I will share the secrets of my own skills with all members of the creative team. The photo tour brings together not only good photographers, but also interesting people. We communicate, tell our stories, get to know each other and the world of each person.
We learn from each other.

Welcome friends and colleagues to a wonderful journey.