Photo tour to Algeria



Photo tour to the Sahara Desert

A special tour to the desert for photographers and nature lovers.
Wonderful landscapes.


The largest desert on Earth.
Sahara Desert. Algeria. Meditation, harmony of form, harmony of sand.
A year and a half has passed since I returned from a photo tour of the Sahara.
For filming, a Mavic pro platinum drone was used.
format 4 K. It is advisable to watch on a large screen.
Editing at Adobe Premier.
Organization of photo tours to amazing places on the planet.
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Happy viewing friends.

When I was a little boy, I really wanted to go to the desert. Reading books and watching films, I imagined myself in the place of travel heroes, trying to imagine as clearly as possible the edge of the Earth, where life exists in the most unimaginable forms. See and feel life in its original form. Unfortunately, day after day, civilization takes away from us clean untouched places. There are fewer and fewer places on Earth Where there is no dust and traces of human activity. And even in those few places, volcanoes and earthquakes do not allow us to be safely alone with nature, which is why today, spaces where life exists in its original form are so valued!


Many of us have read and re-read The Alchemist. The images of the desert remained in our imagination for many years. The color and smell of the sand, the perfection of the dune lines. It is up to everyone to choose their own dune, and climb it, according to everyone's taste, find the most incredible view.
Eh .... a person cannot create such bends and lines.
Stunning harmony of form and color! There are no tourists here, and trampled dunes like in Morocco. The Algerian Sahara is the most beautiful and diverse Sahara.

Flawless Harmony. In the Sahara, I really understood that the sands are alive. And I will continue to search for places where the unity of nature and man is so beautiful! Today I choose the Sahara!


Organizational aspects of the photo expedition to Algeria

In order for the creative part to develop well in the Sahara, it is necessary first of all to prepare organizationally.

The organization of a photo trip to the Sahara consists of the following stages.


1. Fill out the booking form.

2. Acquaintance with the conditions of the photo tour in the Sahara.

3. Communication with the guide and prepayment.

4. Preparation of documents for the Algerian visa.

5. Buying tickets to Algeria and back. You are given a list of what you need to do in the desert, and that's important.

6. A visa to Algeria is issued only on the basis of an invitation from an Algiers travel agency.

7. After receiving a visa in your passport - final preparations and full payment.

8. Meeting with all members of the group at the airport in Algiers. Then we fly to Janet, where local guides meet us in jeeps and take us to the hotel.


We will definitely instruct and help on all of the above points.


What you need to know about our tour of the Sahara,

the desert itself, and what you need to be prepared for.

During all the days of our stay in Algeria (day and night) we are accompanied by 3 representatives of the Algerian travel company - a local guide, an English-speaking translator and a cook (all Tuareg). Everyone is an experienced team, apart from the fact that they know the desert well, I know the photographic places well.

Moving along the sands and roads of the desert takes place in jeeps. Minimum 2 jeeps. Cars are loaded with everything necessary for life in the desert...

Meals are scheduled. You are photographing or comprehending the beauty of the desert, at this time food is being prepared for you. Small tables, chairs, crockery, coffee, tea... - all as Europeans are accustomed to.

You can easily get distracted from the worries of civilization, and completely immerse yourself in the desert.

At this time of the year it is comfortable to be in the desert. During the day, the air temperature is about + 20C, but at night it can drop to zero. Therefore, the presence of warm clothes is a must. Sunglasses and a cap will not be superfluous. Overnight stays in tents, so bring a warm sleeping bag with you. If desired, you can bring your own tent or rent it on the spot for 60 euros for the entire duration of the tour.

There are no dangerous insects and snakes in the desert at this time of the year. No vaccinations are required to visit Algeria.


Alcohol is not sold in Algeria, you can bring your own. It is important to put all things in plastic bags. Photo equipment can be borrowed at your discretion. Useful for both long-focus and wide-angle optics. We did not meet sandstorms, there were no problems with cameras. In Algeria, in the Sahara, there is an opportunity to take photo and video shooting from a drone. But in no case should you talk about this at the embassy and when going through customs at the airport.


This tour is well organised.
This is a good opportunity to touch the pristine nature and life.
This is a good opportunity to have a color or black and white photography exhibition.
This is a good opportunity to make a video film about the desert. Every evening in the desert we spend sitting by the fire with tormented conversations about life.
If you wish, you can be left alone with yourself, surrounded by billions of stars.

Description and cost of a photo tour to the Sahara desert

What is included in the price of the photo tour:

Food - full board from the morning of the first day to the 9th day (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

· management

1 chef

· 1 Arabic translator. English French

Water "in bulk" is transported in canisters

Transportation equipment, kitchen utensils, gasoline

· 4x4 cars with driver . Maximum 3 passengers per car

 Desert travel and transfers to and from the airport

· Mattress, for spending the night in a tent, a blanket.

 First and last nights at Janet's hotel.

· Taxes to the National Park.

· Registration fee for accommodation included.

In an open place (camping)


Full board includes

Sample menu: Breakfast ": Imuhar tea, coffee, bread, butter, jam, fruits, cheese. Lunch: fresh vegetable salad, as well as lentils, chickpeas, rice or potatoes, fruits. Evening: tagines, soups, dessert. Drink water, Imuhar tea

The cost of the tour includes the services of a guide-photographer, assistance in organizing a trip, a master class in landscape photography, analysis of the footage.


What is not included in the tour price:

Air tickets

・Visa processing fees

· Insurance

· Personal expenses, purchase of drinking or bottled soda water.

· tent. (possible to take on the spot, 60 euros per tent).





Price: From €1699

Duration: 9 nights.

Prepayment - 499 euros before the start of paperwork.

Full payment after obtaining a visa.

Participants of previous tours get a 7% discount

It is possible to adjust the dates of the photo tour plus or minus 2 days.


Please consider this.

Sahara, desert, Algeria - it's something special, and really something incredible. Every day more and more new places. Every day more and more interesting photos.

I am sure that every person, every photographer, if desired, and with a certain skill, will bring good photos. One trip can bring an entire exhibition. I brought both an exhibition and a large number of strong works for my black and white project - Qi Space. Filmed a video.

Here are some of those photos. Beautiful landscapes with a share of abstraction.