Laureate and winner of international competitions.

Photographer, choreographer, teacher. Founder of the modern dance theater "Magic". For more than 30 years he has been synthesizing and developing an understanding of the artistic image in contemporary art.

Member of the Union of Photographers.

Author of many projects and articles on the development of art, as well as the relationship of man with primordial nature. Exhibitions and publications in international publishers, including National Geographic.

Mikhaliuk Siahei has developed special training programs for photographers and dancers, based on the emotional manifestation of a person in self-knowledge.

About me: Self-discipline, knowledge of oneself and the world around. Lifestyle defines who we are. It so happened that at the beginning of my life I chose art. Today I am engaged in many types of contemporary art, honing my skills daily, and organizing people around me.

My motto is the art of being yourself.

Photography, choreography, travelling, martial arts and meditation...

I organize photo trips to the most amazing places in the world.

It doesn't matter if I'm dancing or taking pictures. All my productions and visual images carry either meaning with sensations or a state. The form is just an extension of my spirit and my individuality.

I have not realized Myself, but I am on the Path.

I have not realized Myself

But I am on the Path. 


I like to just enjoy life, to be calm and balanced.