Photo tour to Vietnam



Photo expedition to Southeast Asia.

Vietnam, border with China.


A photo tour to Vietnam is a great opportunity to take good photos of the mountain landscape, as well as photos of rice terraces. This is a journey through the provincial regions of Vietnam. At this time of the year, the locals are engaged in sowing and harvesting rice on the terraces, doing heavy manual labor.

22.05-05.06/2024         26.09-07.10/2023

Vietnam is a very capricious country in terms of weather.
The dates of the photo tour to Vietnam were not chosen by chance.
There are only 2 times a year for a good photo tour to Vietnam. Only 2 intervals of 2 weeks.

It is important not to fall into the heavy rainy season.
It is important to see the colorful rice terraces.
It is important to have accompanying local guides.
It is important that local people work on the terraces.
It is important that the work on the terraces is not over.

We will see the traditions of local people, rivers, rice and tea plantations on the slopes of the mountains Mu Cang Chai, Sapa, Lang Son,
We will visit the absolutely unique waterfall Cao Bang, a very beautiful popular place where the film "King Kong" was filmed.
Our group moves around the provinces by car, stops and takes pictures. Every morning and evening we go out to local points and observation platforms to take photos of incredible rice terraces and mountains in the rays of the sun from a height of flight.



Rice terraces of Vietnam.

Perhaps the most spectacular photos from the photo tour of Vietnam are photos of rice terraces.


There are fewer and fewer places on our planet where civilization has not stepped on its "progressive foot", and people still live among pure nature and natural beauty. In these, in truth, not tourist places, we live and photograph such a life.

That's very beautiful!

Route and photo tour program in Vietnam.

The group meets at the Hanoi-Noi Bai airport. Perhaps with someone we will fly together. Further, upon arrival, by car with local guides, we set off. We expect not a long move to the first place of residence. You should have a good rest after a long flight to Southeast Asia and adapt to temporary changes.


Departure on June 2, from 1 to 2 nights in a hotel in Hanoi.


The cost of the photo tour includes: internal transportation through the provinces of Vietnam by car, organization of the tour, guide services (including local guides), accommodation in Vietnam (hotels), entrance tickets to the planned parks and viewing platforms.

It is worth noting that visiting real Vietnam without experienced guides is very difficult. Moreover, it is almost impossible for a European to rent a car in Vietnam due to the peculiarities of driving.

Cars cost the Vietnamese 4 times more than the Europeans. A car in Vietnam is an expensive pleasure! Very important - Knowledge of the area, photo points, traditions and language of the local people.

This photo tour takes place in places where the Vietnamese live on the verge of poverty, in families of 5-10 children, and women still do hard manual labor. In those places, the foot of modern progress has rarely set foot.


The tour price does not include: International flights, insurance, PCR test, meals, personal expenses. Visa for most states is done free of charge upon arrival at Hanoi airport.






Price: From €1299

Duration 13 days.

Deposit - 499 euros

Full settlement in Vietnam.


Participants of previous tours get a 7% discount

Bookings from two or more people -7%

The earlier you book, the cheaper

During our photo tours interesting people, good photographers gather. We communicate, exchange experience and knowledge. Each such trip is a great experience and improvement of your skills, you make new friends from all over the world.

The Vietnamese are very open and friendly people who treat people of any nationality well.


Provincial Vietnam is an opportunity to make good expressive portraits of local residents. Their way of life and way of life.
 With their permission, we will go into their house and see where and how they sleep and cook. Children, women, men and old people in traditional clothes, with very deep and kind eyes.


It is necessary to take advantage of the opportunity and time until the wave of tourism comes to these pristine places. Must seize the opportunity today!

Our goal-

is a deeper knowledge of the surrounding world,

its traditions and culture.
We must bring good photos for our projects.
Be beautiful with yourself.