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The reasoning about the artistry of photography.

When there are a lot of words, and who needs it.

He who knows keeps silent - he who speaks does not know.


All the human life comes to three words: "I love you". When closing his/ her eyes at the end of the day or the life itself, the person feels these words inside him/ herself, the words, which are directed not only at his/ her child or mother, the life is good.

The article "Who am I?" just tells about the connection and the unity of all our aspirations, which lead us, sooner or later, to the main discovery - to the discovery of the way of your own self.

We can make a noise about the terms and the art photography as long as we run out of power. The human forms and structures of thinking manage the actions and choice of the person, though he/ she does not often even have an idea where they come from. Nevertheless, the person as a social being needs to be involved in some system or dimension, and these ties are unnecessarily social, they can be mental and emotional. At first, we look closely, select (scan) and then, after having settled very firmly, defend the "truth" of our beliefs. In this case, it does not matter what product is discussed at the market of human values: cheese, art photography or politics. The result is an emotional struggle and loss of energy and, of course, the self-affirmation of the Ego. After all, the system of values, which we adhere to, defines our existence both in a thin and in a physical way. But there is always someone, who, being not involved, look from the side and benefit from these "discussions-battles" perfectly.

To talk about what works of the human hands or nature are called "art" and what are not, is like to put grass, tree, wind and the moon on the ladder and to determine the importance of the place under the sun.

Genres and trends in the photography

Separation is the greatest illusion on earth. The more I have studied martial arts, the more I have realized that neither the exercises, nor the style of fighting determine the effectiveness, but the person him/ herself. Every day, making my skills perfect, I observed my mind getting confused, the value system was turning over or, more precisely, became more consistent. The conflict inside me was disappearing and I stopped seeing the difference.

Every time when I surrendered to dance, dissolved in it, I just had unexplainable feelings that list of which would never end. In action and in the art the boundaries disappear. Only after you can start the gymnastics of your mind, sit down and start endless discussions. This is my personal observation: the person who has caught the moment of the truth in him/ herself at least once, will think again many times about the statement of what the art and the art photography are, because only the Creator can call everything with their own names.

All I know is that I know nothing 

A dancing child who does not know the basics of the choreography, moves so free and easy that you cannot take the eye of him/ her, and the smile and joy appear magically all of a sudden on the face of the beholder. This is the magic. This is the miracle. Should the child start attending the special classes in the future, he loses his freedom and spontaneity due to the understanding of the skills, he is restrained by what is right and what is not. I do not fully understand why this is so, but I think that first it is freedom and then these are skills.  

As soon as the limits and restrictions appear, the freedom is lost. The person stops to listen to him/ herself already then and begins trying to adapt to the created conditions, because the artistic photography criteria are already defined. With the lost of freedom it only remains to talk about creativity and art. How can freedom be without love? Is the creativity possible without freedom? In the strict regime, you can adjust, but you will not flourish.

As soon as the person understands him/ herself, he/ she changes from a teacher into a pupil and he/ she seeks him/ herself, his/ her new understanding in the form of photography or dance. Yes, the separation into genres and trends helps us somehow to define and understand some inclinations of the person, as the ways and paths are not only inscrutable, they are different. The limits still need to be reached.

Who can define the artistry of the photography? 

The artistry of the photography is defined only by the person who has created it. The main is that there is no conflict and war then. Why do we always have the strength to argue and prove anything to someone, but not strong enough to create and look at yourself? Yes, this is the awareness, which comes after the awakening of consciousness. Read the article "How to know yourself?" Sooner or later, considering his/ her creations, the person clearly defines what is what. What he needs is not to be disturbed! Many creatures live within us. Among them there are a defendant, a lawyer and a judge. The person just needs some time to see it. I believe in the person and his/ her world. He/ she should just examine him/ herself. Then the changes happen miraculously. From the clash of opinions the truth does not emerge.

Truth comes to the independence of the person after his/ her own awakening. There is no sense to talk about it at all. This is something beyond the limits of the mind. How is it possible to come to the understanding of what is beyond... with the conclusions?

The aim of the art photography 

Photography is just one of the ways of the self-cognition. Studying and learning the artistry of the photography: the plasticity of the lines, color combination, connections of structures and forms, – we touch the unknown sides of our existence. After all, to show the invisible, consisting of the images and feelings, the photographer uses the camera and light. Loving this process, we perfect our skills and sharpness of perception. We notice suddenly on the brink of the fall that we have violated all the comprehensible laws, but we have got the opportunity to touch something special. This is something that pushes us to study our life with some special keenness and bring into the frame our own perception of the reality – Our Own Selves.

The history of the art photography 

The most valuable that the human works and discoveries could leave after themselves (their books and manuscripts) is understanding. The understanding that it is up to the person to comprehend the laws of craftsmanship and to determine what is what. It can be so, that the majority will not want to look for their own understanding of the essence, which belongs to noone. It is more simply to catch at something, what already exists, and, most importantly, has existed.

The best what the master can leave is emptiness. The knowledge, which is left for us, is, certainly, necessary at the initial stage, and then ... It is like the reflection of the moon in the lake. The reflection can be very similar to the moon in shape and even color, but it does not the moon itself. Moreover, we even look in the opposite direction, examining the wisdom and the reflected creations of the masters of the past.

All the great things, which have been created by them with the help of photography, painting and dance, are their own lives and they themselves. They were looking for the answers to the same questions, which we are doing today.

How to open the eyes to others? 

You can do it with your example of working at yourself, your own creativity. I do not understand, why many think that the people are so stupid, that they can understand something only by rubbing the information into them. It is useless for both others and yourself. Start with yourself. This is something you can really change. Start with your own journey, exploration of the nature of thoughts, feelings and soul. However, we are aware how much dependent we are and how much dirt we have. The person needs some victory and the sense of superiority over someone else to maintain his/ her own self-esteem somehow. How to open the eyes to others when your own consciousness is sleeping deeply?

                                                                     How to believe me then?

                                                    He who knows keeps silent - he who speaks does not know.


All this article is my own reasoning, the aloud reasoning about the art photography. I do not want you to believe me and follow something at least. Follow Yourself and be Yourself. However, it is only a top secret.




The author: Sergei Mikhaliuk