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I am, Siarhey Mikhaliuk, inviting you to the “romantic” journey into Belgium this autumn from 8 to 13 October. The country, there old architecture, silence and refinement of modernity are merged into one. Crossing the Europe, from east to west, you’ll understand how it differs.


Where in Belgium we’ll stop and which cities we’ll visit?


We will stop in the historical Bruges city. And every day we’ll be visiting another places and cities by train. Small distance, but big difference. Bruges is quiet, comfortable and peaceful sity, with canals and bridges located near the old houses. In this city you can dreaming and falling in love. Gent – more active. Every evening embankment is filled by people of different ages.


What interesting you can see in the Belgium?


Gent combines splendor monumentality with youth life. I thing, there you can see “creatures” from the whole Galaxy. Such an interesting types of people at the well – advertise tourist place. Tastes and feels are differs, for sure. But travelling to Belgium – it’s a special magic. For one day we’ll go to Knokke, small and rich seaside town at the North Sea. Right next nature park of wild birds and the border with the Netherlands. Large sandy beaches which have the force of attraction. I was sat out there in meditation

for 2 hours. And left Knokke just after sunset. My friend, Felix, took me for the first time by Belgium, he said that I did not look like a tourist. Although I did not release my camera out of the hands.

"Something else is happening in your vision" - he said. Felix guide of Belgium with the experience of 14 years.

Visual range of Belgium is interesting both for the professional photographer and for lovers of the travelling. Although perhaps, currently all photographers)


Target audience is the journey?


There are no preferences and restrictions in the age. But you must be prepared for active travel. Because one of these days we'll take a bike ride around the neighborhood Bruges, the picturesque places with fallen autumn leaves.


What is the cost of this tour?


The total cost of the tour is 549 Euros.

The cost of visas and airfare are not included. Everyone has their own preferences. Flight from Vilnius airline Rayner at Brussels South Charleroi Airport costs 60 Euros on bough sides.

My theoretical assistance in the camera settings to achieve different photography’s results. I’ll share the secrets of composition. In the setting sun we’ll planning to work with the model, to create an artistic portrait.


What to take to Belgium?


Fishing rod, a boat and inflatable mattress)) JOKE. Art to smile. (Read the article)

Comfortable and light clothing and footwear as it possible. In the historic cities of Belgium a lot of streets and bridges. Cycling around the surroundings of Bruges also assumes free style.

Personal hygiene products and first aid kit.

Umbrella or raincoat.

Schengen visa.






And something else to travelers for Belgium. Bruges - is something special. His silence and visuals just envelops by mist of the romance and refinement. It amazes me that there is nothing superfluous. Everything in style. From the alley to the bench. The camera can be direct to any place. In the autumn at our disposal unpredictable light, fog, bridges, canals, autumn foliage, the sea. Well, and nice Belgium chocolate.

Sincerely, Siarhey Mikhaliuk.

Wishes to join the group please fill out the application form with indication of tour you are interested in. And also you can ask questions.

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