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In order not to wander in terms of try to separately consider these two words. To be modern is like something to do with time. To be modern - it is to be here and now, to be in time. Modern man is a man of the present. Art is the transfer of "information" to others through the images and art forms. Art is the ability to speak a language understood by all living beings. This is an opportunity to touch the thin world the viewer and listener.Contemporary art is a synthesis of time, or rather its absence, and the ability to create a living. Can a work of contemporary people be useful in the future? Since today we draw knowledge from history and classical art. Or contemporary works to be born here and now? I dont know. And where is the line, which is able to distinguish between activities, and send some to nowhere, while others give a magical status                                                                                WORKS OF ART.


«Phantom» Peter Lik has become the new most expensive photograph in the world, for which the private collector paid the impressive sum of $ 6.5 million,







Contemporary art visual drug XXI century. 


In 1936, the two artists were painting at the exhibition in Paris, called abstract. When the eyes of all the time rushed to the corner of the hall, where there hung a single picture, the other said:"It seems that you avoid hard look at the paintings, my friend. Like attracts you something elusive. "-" Not at all, I just can not look away from the door, which is painted beautifully. This is perhaps the best work in this exhibition. None of the artists authors of the exhibition could not have to paint the door so, but a painter, paint the door could copy any-to choose from! - Of the exhibited paintings. "                                                                                                                           Salvador Dali. 


What is contemporary art? 

Contemporary art

What is the kind of contemporary art?

Or, as they are called - direction.In short, it's art, film, music, dance, song, poetry, photography, and yes .... you are doing this for a long time.Every day, millions of photos are born, and at the same rate uploaded to the Internet. Who has time to remember them? And what they leave a trace in the consciousness of modern man.Hundreds of thousands, or even more children and adults are engaged in dancing. Countless poems and songs. And the art of XX and XXI centuries - a movie that creates movies in the world with such speed that it is impossible to even remember their name. And all the appetite grows. It grows both consumers and producers of this product.


And if today you are now reading this think that this is not about you, but about a neighbor or an artist from the TV screen, you no longer see, please wake up! Hello ... It's you and me. Create-consuming. Maybe modern society-a society of consumers, which dictates that the fine should be created. And try ka leeway. We have long had a snack its own tail. We always strive for perfection and progress. 


And please, cinema 3D, 5D, 7D. Toys with vertical takeoff and inner emptiness. From the actors are no longer required the person in the picture, and the skill of reincarnation. And I like the most modern choreographer, I do not have time for while reproduce modern dance styles. For me there is only the dance. Today every good choreographer is the need to create not only their own group, but also a new style of contemporary choreography. I do not know what is good and what is bad. Just so.

Is contemporary art is a machine, a terminator, or a drug-XXI Century?

No, I have listed above has no relation to the art of photography and the art of dance. After all the physical qualities of a modern dancer should add spiritual. In art, as in the communication of living beings need to comprehend the laws of the soul and spirit. And this is a serious and constant work on his personality. Personality is not for the social ladder and to the source, which in the depths of each.


He who overcomes others is strong. but who overcomes himself is mighty. Lao Tzu. 


But with this, and you need to start. With itself. Man lives in the modern world, but each in his own reality. And every event, every situation, and even your own body is a product of our consciousness. Photographer photographing not only transmits light through the lens, it transmits light through the perception and consciousness.


Photos- Art is art itself. And the dancers, making even the most intricate pirouettes, broadcast around the world on how they feel right now. The body is not only a conductor of electric current. It's a great tool and a guide to other energies. In modern choreography it is not enough to work only with the functions of the physical body. We must learn and practice the processes taking place in all energy bodies. Even the power and agility depends on the ability to manage these protsessami.A photographer, having studied setting your camera's time to start setting up a more serious tool-their perception. 


Great trip. 


Journey into the world itself.


Watch him.


Watch your thoughts.


Explore every piece of his life. Not for the sake of reward and glory. Not because of the fear of death.Let your life will become a work of art. Because contemporary art is the art of the here and now.


The art of being yourself.And then one day, being able to pause we realize that we no longer want to escape biting its own tail. Recognizing the same drug in their minds, we will choose the path! And pust- person does something that should the time comes, and he learns his fate.  


                                                  Contemporary art as an elixir of life.


 It nourishes and transforms the person. After all, today another time. In today's world, a man, a woman and children solve problems somewhat different than 100 years ago. But the root of these issues alone. Know yourself, God, the universe, the world, man wants what you want oschuscheniy.I life to flow in every look ... In every breath. And perhaps we will never repeat the creation of Raphael or the Buddha.But we can create a piece of modern art. This is an opportunity to be themselves.

P / S. Tell me how he died. I'd better tell you how he lived.


                                                                                                                                                          From the movie "The Last Samurai"

Author: Mikhaliuk Siarhei