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Determine in advance and want to find a space for your photography. It could be street parks, lakes, ruins, etc. Choose a space conceived on the basis of the image. In this case, rule number one turned out to be a field with an almost cloudless sky. Yes, of course I tried to drive the clouds). But alas ... The situation, when walking through the streets of Moscow, the photographer suddenly decides where and how to become a model, is the standard. So, this is the standard situation rarely leads to unusual images. I know few photographers in mind that the whole symphony, combining space, shapes and colors. And I do not know how many? Friends are people who make a lot of thought facing shots. And then it all into practice. The time when you'll be anywhere, with anyone, anytime, and thus to make great pictures, no planning ahead must come. I am sure. But first - a place for improvisation should be left only at the time of committed action. I am a professional dancer. With practice over 25 years. I danced around the world.I love improvisation. This is my "skate"! My everything. But friends do not confuse improvisation and laziness.



We turned out to be a model in the field. In nature, as on a woman in general is difficult to count). And that's fine. 


The sky is cloudless. And on earth I would also like texture. And so I was looking for. I watched, studied and searched. I searched for communication in space picture. Everything in this world is interconnected. We need to learn to recognize them. The rule in the photo on the three points are not invented by me. In this case I was looking for connection heaven and earth girl. These relationships can be expressed in the lines, shape or color. Or maybe at the same time and everything. As I understand Julia it was the first experience in a professional photo shoot. We had to help her relax. Or distract. 

This is also, in turn, has added me more internal control.



The third rule 9 of the rules of the photographer I called-lighting. Few of the photographers love the sun at its zenith. And I am no exception. We arrived as the sun was beginning to set. Part-time, perfect for a good photo. Most enjoy the uniqueness of the world. I always want to see the space of form and light, even without a model in the frame. The sun behind your back or side of the difference is significant. Just try to look at the grass in such conditions. But when the sun is low over the ground to be almost back model is a special sacrament. From a photographer requires more skill. Then you need to see and know more. And the composition and model. And in light of what they are. This is truly an expression. "Post a Woman in the best light." "Print the girl out." Perfect combination of the words for the rule number 3.  So ... How can I make a model? Give the girl in space. "Solve" in its form, and this form and mood would fit into the same space. Well, of course post it in the best light.




Photographing the model. 9 of the rules

9 of the rules of the photographer

There are 9 basic rules of photographing the work with the model in natural light. These rules are not canon. However, each of these rights helps to lift the veil of the world of art. And in the world of self-knowledge. It's no secret that each of us wants to do favorite thing more precise and perfect. And achievements occur at the very moment when, in a moment at one point converge technical skill and feeling. And concepts such as wisdom and awareness are purchased just as a result of experience.The shape of my story, which I, Sergei Mikhalyuk, will share 9 rules is not an ordinary photographer. Or maybe just the opposite is the most common and practical.We agreed to a photo shoot with the dancer and choreographer Julia Asmalovskoy. We decided to "stir up" something plastic in the open space. And here it is, and the first rule.



Learn how to organize yourself and you will see how the problem will be solved in one gulp in social life. In your life. It really is an art to be themselves.



When fashion model with no experience, then let it be the most themselves. Although it is to be an art. I put Julia on the point and asked her to move as he wants.  I define the space frame, and perceived the very key point of watching model. I've caught a connection, but viewed through the viewfinder and waited. From the movements of women depended on whether I will do to press the trigger. It was then that the dangers of the coupling element. Form of communication between heaven and earth.



That's what I do. And I'll tell you a secret women intuitively feel of the men - photographers can give them such an opportunity. In the absence of those forced to look to the girl friends.                                                                                 



                                                                              to be continued..