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I have danced improvisation under the downpour. For near 50 Minutes. My feet were sinking in the sand, my body was very wet and I was jumping, relaxing and falling. Moreover, I dance in the water, as if I hover in the space. It feels like something incredible. Everything is unpredictable and elusive. And it seems every difficult and incredible situation turns out to be a new movement both in form and in the sense of movement.


I like to dance, because it is something incredible and a totally unpredictable phenomenon. Earlier I gave the first place in dance to the idea, then to the technique, harmony, and now - just to the Feeling and Condition. The feeling that I Live and breathe ... And the main thing ... When I dance, I hear the life with each cell of my body. And I dance not to be appreciated  and not to feel better. I just let Something elusive in through myself. And then the dance disappears, I disappear.






Every dance is a series of the decisions made here and now

2. СONTEMPORARY DANCE/ The art to live today. The possibilities of this trend in contemporary choreography are endless. Despite it is young, the roots of this dance date back deeply to the past and have the basis in many spiritual Eastern practices such as yoga, qigong, meditation and various types of martial arts. Contemporary is the art of calming yourself and immersion into the state of harmony. There are many who are engaged in "Contempo", but there are only a few, who dance it. Outward enervation and the state of rest and relaxation conceal tremendous strength and power.

The demonstration of strength and confidence can be achieved with easy, hardly noticable efforts. To dance like this, the human body needs to be polished with other disciplines of dance or sport. Speed, sharpness, flexibility and balance - these are only a few physical skills, which are based on psychological processes of human development. "Contemporary" dancer does not think as a dancer any more. He/ she is not in search of memorized movements, his/ her mind is free. The dancer controls his/ her states. He/ she is driven by some power and silence at the same time. This is the improvisation, in which there is neither a dancer nor a viewer.


I would like to say that the main practical work with the dancers of this trend is teaching of perception sharpness and relation to the body as to a responsive instrument.

In other words, it is meditation or one of the ways to approach the consciousness

3. LANIT DANCE / Ballroom dancing is a group of different pair dances, including the European and Latin American programs. It is the dance, in which the basis is the movements of two opposites (male and female). These opposites become the whole like both form and content. The movements of two beings are transformed into a single stream of strength and beauty.

1. MODERN JAZZ/ The dance, which can transmit all human feelings and emotions. These are emotions what gives the impulse and directs the dancer's body. This is a driving force, which can both create and destroy.


Modern jazz is the freedom of movements and clear choreography laws. And if jazz in music was created as a result of improvisation, in dance it is likely a throw into the present, where a person feels the need to the new forms. Curved and not so clearly expressed positions and movements give completeness to the lines.


Boys and girls who practice such a dance style, are emotional, prefer refinement and beauty, have an expressed sense of leadership. MODERN JAZZ is the movie, more often a dramatic one, without words and with the help of the body. In my opinion, the modern dance is the only art, which contains all the other trends of the modern art so clearly.


This dance was performed at the World Cup among artists in Moscow on VDNH.YA played in the team for the national team of Belarus. Every day, a large stage at ENEA presented concerts by artists from the participating teams. This synthesis of modern dance styles.


                      "The Matrix. LIBERATION"

4. DUBSTEP, ROBOT, BOOGIE ELEKERIK / All top breakdance styles and its variants.

The distinctness of these styles is in that they tear us away from reality. The dancers` movements remind robots or foreigners. They differ from other modern dance techniques with forms, signs and inner expressiveness especially.


They say that breakdancing was born in dark-skinned. I do not know ... The people involved in breakdancing are freedom-loving, some protest to reality itself lives within them. However, the performers need great skill and concentration. Only under such conditions dubstep, robot, elekerik boogie, king-tut deliver audience admiration. I would say that these styles of contemporary dance are some kind of bridge that connects the real with the unreal, the classic with the modern.

Styles and trends in contemporary choreography. Dance