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JAZZ MODERN.(the lessons of modern dance)

When we are overwhelmed with emotions in life, we often can not control them.

When we are on stage you must live rol- we do not know how to be liberated. How to allow the body to be both strong and flexible?

How to learn to not hide on the stage of the choreography and costumes? 

How to learn to improvise, not only alone, but also to the audience? 

How to use your body and emotions in a dance show? 

How to learn to see yourself from the inside and feel partners in site?


If you know that you own all of the above, then you are a professional dancer, Personality. And most of all you wonderful choreographer who knows her worth, and who knows how to make money dance. 

Dance skills not buy in a store and exchange market. It is possible to buy only permanent hard on yourself. Jobs in the ballroom directly related to daily life. In his master classes I teach is not to move the body, or rather first and foremost to understand the mechanics and the nature of the movement. Every shape, every curve of the body and momentum is a consequence of internal sensations.


This lesson is designed to have trained people with choreographic framework and already have an idea of ​​the dances.


The master class will be divided into several stages, during which I need to determine the level of which has been, and gradually from the friendly in the forms and feelings come to expressive and filled with plastic jazz dance. Look inside yourself - that's what is required from participants in this tutorial, learn how to breathe properly and throw emotions in different parts of his body. Therefore, working with kontsentratsiey- is № 1. And then search for the exact balance and movement, loss of balance, as a way to start the movement, muscle tension and relaxation, emotional stability to mood swings. Movement will alternate with static forms, jumping from the falls, where the students have to really feel the danger and show their reaction 

Several separate unit is in modern jazz improvisation. There have to be very observant to each participant of the master class.

The lesson of 4 hours with breaks.

At the end of the session a little psychological test and exam. See you at the expanse of knowledge itself. 

If you would like more information or wish to host this tutorial please fill in the form *.


Absolutely all matters are discussed. Be sure to include the topic of the lesson that interests you. 

Life - is a dance, and no one will dance it for you ...