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M I K H A L I U K. C O M




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Contemporary Choreography - the ability to understand and control his body in the world today.


 Contemporary dance does not need separation of styles and trends. Do not confuse yourself and do not durite his head. Just play music and live. To live in the dance, because at this moment even his own name does not matter.


 CONTEMPORARY DANCE- both young and very old style of dancing. He has always existed, and at the same time is born every second.


First you need to understand how we stand and breathe. How and where is the center of gravity? What will be the impetus for the movement? Are we liberated. This is the first step  modern choreography. But our instrument- this body. It should be a daily grind with love and precision. And as a musician tunes his instrument. And the dancer carefully adjusts his physical body, and certainly the perception, because dance like fotografiya- there is a way of self-knowledge.


Modern dance - it is here and now. Modern dance every second.

If you are not a dancer and not a photographer, not engaged in spiritual practices, you do not do morning exercises and do not read books. Then how do you live?

Dancing - it's like to fall in love. But every time dancing have to fall in love again.  

MODERN JAZZ- the experience of love

Contemporary dance styles.