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What does it mean to be yourself? Each person can state that his/ her self is his/ her own self. How could the phrase “not quite oneself” appear? To what extent? The person cannot know where he/ she could be from and what it means to be, while he/ she is sleeping. It is like our everyday life: when we sleep, we have no connection to the events, which happen near our sofa. However, when we are awake, even still having a dream, we catch some sounds and smells. The same happens with our mind. The feeling of love, serious keenness on music or photography intensify our perception, and the person becomes more sensitive to the beyond smells and phenomena. These phenomena are nothing but the energy of the spirit itself. In reality, even being sound asleep, we are influenced by the light of our own spirit. These are out- and inward processes of our social and physical life.


The art of being your own self is the state of such awareness, when we already understand who we are and what happens to us or when we can catch with our mind receivers the impulses of the spirit consciously at least. In the scheme of things, there is no sense to attend some special groups and pay for training, since the life itself is the teacher, and the path of self-knowledge ("soul-searching") helps to find the answers to the urgent questions of our hearts, and get the inner satisfaction at the same time. But it is too simple and boring to our mind. We need some systems, the ways of development that help either to lose ourselves, or to assert the importance of our own selves.


Before putting some pencil into the box, a pencil master put it aside.

There are five things, which you must know before I send you to the world, - he said. – You must always remember them, and you will become the best pencil ever then. You will be able to do many great things, but if you only:


1. Let somebody keep You in His/ Her hand;

2. feel painful turning cut from time to time, but know that this is an obligatory condition to become the best pencil;

3. be able to correct your mistakes which you make;

4. always keep your most important part inside;

5. always leave your mark, no matter on what surface you are used. Regardless of your state, you must keep writing.

The pencil understood and promised to remember it.

Losing the connection with our own selves, we lose the rest 

What can a sleeping person possess in general? In a dream he/ she can have everything, until he/ she awakes, that is why the phrase “when you lose everything, you find yourself” becomes evident. The clarity of understanding that you have had nothing to lose at all adds power and confidence.  

Loneliness is excellent. Only remember: we are not alone 

Everyone knows the state when he/ she does not want to see or hear anybody. As they say, farther from everybody as it is possible. No one of emotions existing in our life will not give us 100% calming and satisfaction. This can be still impossible, because it is temporal, and it has its own opposite, which will remind about itself soon.


Going in for art, devoting him-/ herself to the self-knowledge, the person learns to trace, see and find some control under the powers of his/ her nature, under his/ her emotions. It is possible only in the state of loneliness. It should be more inward than outward, and the understanding that everything is interconnected and intertwined helps to see other people, who are on the way of “soul-searching”, their lives, and feel it as the parts of his/ her own life.

Are we satisfied with ourselves and our environment? Do we know ourselves, on our own example, what happiness is? 

The contentment with your own self is a serious test and the motive for actions in our life. After all, our private internal and external dissatisfaction encourage us to changes and actions. It is fact that when everything is good, people are often idle then.

To act in the state of happiness and fullness is the state of awaking. To feel the light and power of the spirit and express it into your life through art or other activity consciously is the demonstration of love, the love to yourself and others. What love can we talk about when we are not satisfied with ourselves and measure the personal happiness and the happiness of the family only by the others` examples? 

The connection between body, energy and spirit 

In the East the people say about the unity of qi, jin and shen. In the Christianity they say about the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. What we would have known about this unity, if it had not had the opportunity to know about the others? We have only our bodies and what is attached to them. We can see our fingers as a form as well as see the sensation in them. The same is with the heart. By examining ourselves, our thoughts and actions, emotions and power we wake up from our dream. The sleep of our Mind is so strong that we accept all the processes, which occur in our mind for our own, and we do not wake up and see that everything is intertwined, we fight with ourselves according to the rules of our mind game instead.  

How far will a horse run, if it moves in the exclusive circle in the circus? Will we feel good, when one arm hurts the other hand? The connection between the body, energy and spirit is not only the communication of the hand holding a glass of water where the hand is the spirit, the glass is the energy and the water is the body. The connection of three components is not only physical, but also chemical. And our body is simply a compacted energy. Developing and improving your physical form, we approach the discoveries in more subtle layers of energy, that is why it is especially important to understand and feel yourself, working in all directions.


Spiritual practices such as yoga, qigong, martial arts, meditation and others focus on internal and external work on your nature and yourself. The Art of Being your own self is, in some way, to see and understand the processes which take place inside you, is to reconcile the emotions, to make friends with all the corners of your soul and let the inner strength and spiritual beauty to create the world. 

There is no other force, except the one that is within us. We can not see but feel the other force.

Be inside yourself 

While we sleep, we are in such a limited space, so it is even difficult to call it a life. However, the feelings of five basic-level senses make us humans, Humans with the capital letter. But can these humans create the surroundings and change the situations? Surely, they can, of course, to some extent, and the more their own sense of power inside them is, the bigger they see and feel it outside, and the brighter they feel their own presence.


Be inside yourself is to be in the state of yourself, of your own presence. We even talk to ourselves all the time. We just think that we need someone to talk to, not to become absolutely crazy. Going mad is to change the pivot, to look behind the curtain. Observe attentively, observe, we have a much greater desire to tell something, because we want it. 

The art of observing 

We do not use either our skills, or our mind. Sorry for generalization. Having acquired the “knowledge”, either of our own will, or of others` one, we accept it for our own one and we strengthen it over the years and uphold it in arguments about the truth. Using all sorts of condiments, so-called assistants, in our life, we have taken it for granted that we cannot change anything and what will be, will be. Meanwhile, the ability to speak and see at a distance by ourselves is given to the humans by the right of birth.


To observe. We need to observe what happens around, what is going on in our minds, and especially in our emotional state. It seems like the work of the investigator, whom we have hired to look after us for free. Observing yourself is an art. Any kind of creative activity such as modern choreography, photography, music, travelling, poetry and many other arts teach and bring up the qualities of an observer. From the internal to the external and vice versa, and it is a constant process. The ability to see the different in the same makes the amateur a professional photographer and the opportunity of athletes and dancers to observe not only physical, but also energy processes makes us experts of a different level. 

To lose, not having found, or find yourself 

The art of the observer, inner strength, unity of the body and energy, loneliness, the radiance of the spirit - all this is interconnected and intertwined in the desire and striving to be yourself. Even to be able to observe, we need energy and strength, and the strength just needs attention.

To know yourself is a colossal work, where in the process of lives you reach the craftsmanship of a jeweler: making your personality perfect, like a polyhedral diamond, coming closer to the source, which can warm you and satisfy your hunger at any time, but it will happen not earlier than it should do. Many treasures may be kept on Earth and in the Universe, but the treasure, which is kept in our heart and spirit, is much brighter and priceless, that is why it is hidden there by the Lord. The value of this treasure is so high, that the path to it is not easy, because you have to look for it in yourself, and this path, this way, you can call without hesitation



                                                   THE ART OF BEING YOUR OWN SELF 


The author: Siarhei Mikhaliuk