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Methods of development and self-knowledge 

This program more than 15 years. On it were trained dancers and choreographers, pupils of the school of martial arts athletes. Today many of them are teachers in their work. The program is constantly updated and improved.


                                                   Brief description of the lesson.


For a better assimilation of the material I share this lesson steps.


The first stage - adaptation. Second-relaxation. Next you need to feel. The following etape- we begin to move. Generally, if successfully completed the previous steps, the confidence. Last - magic. This movement again. But the other content.


Please note that any admission stage will not allow to happen reincarnation. Is that a child or an adult already have the necessary internal or practical training.


The purpose of this master class to help a person to look behind the screen of your mind. Since the preparation of the physical body depends on the ability to contemplate their inner state.


At each stage there is action with detailed explanations. From theory to practice. But on the same level it will be the opposite. In today's world, as in modern dance enslaved mind does not allow not only good and free dance, but also to live unfettered. By learning to relax, we can be out of the problem, and thus are able to change yourself.



             The main stumbling blocks that lie in the path of comprehension of acting is human complexes and fear.


 In his tutorial, I show well as the physical body is directly related to consciousness. Working in combination, we achieve results. In the practical part will be used physical activity, fast and slow movement exercises to the music will alternate with breathing exercises. Rhythm. Association. Contrast. Meditation. Static and dynamic exercises. It will be given the opportunity to develop and organize your imagination. Using his control different parts of his body. And is it important. And it is important that even one lesson a man and a woman, a child and an adult were able to relax and feel the energy in themselves.


Lesson designed for 2 days for 2-3 hours, depending on the group. And it will be especially useful for teachers and people who for years practiced motion. (Masters of modern dance and athletes).

The skill of the actor - is the ability to summon willpower in his body and face different emotions, and show them to the outside world. 


A C T I N G    S K I L L S 


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