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Mikhaliuk Siarhei was born in Minsk on April 30, 1970 From an early age very quickly and successfully mastered playing sports. With special interests include football and chess. He studied military science. And at age 14 he began studying modern dance styles. Laureate of international competitions break dance.


After serving in the armed forces of the Soviet Union began to show interest in the study of martial arts. '' It was like something by itself. I just did in my life that I was interested. Always very, very anxious to learn and develop, especially after high school '', - says Sergey.


 He spoke at the event, read a lot and traveled. And as an artist of contemporary ballet performed at concerts and festivals. At 22, the surprise of his family, became a vegetarian. In this case, his mother a long time did not understand her son. In other endeavors has always supported. Sergei studied philosophy and mysticism fascinated.


 In 1999, Sergei founded Mikhalyuk contemporary dance theater "Magic", where the artistic director and dancer paved the way to many pupils in art, famous choreographer today. Contemporary art has become a tool that Sergei know himself and opened the world. Painting, photo and video work, pedagogical work. So time went by. And his life was like the river, from which he drew strength and knowledge. And this river with each passing day quenches the thirst of his soul, the desire for inner peace and silence.





 Today Siarhei Mikhaliuk father of three children. They are also vegetarians. Creativity has become his life.


Every morning he studies the internal styles of wushu, meditating. To help others in the development and improvement of modern choreography and photography. Seminars and workshops. It organizes tours to beautiful places on the planet. Engaged staging dances and shows. Photographs the world of men and nature. Collaborates with people and organizations from different fields of activity.



Subtle sense of energy and well-being. With spiritual practice helps in word and touch. He conducts workshops and writes articles.


"Today a lot of talk and write about what is good and bad. I do not know that either. I am, and that's fine. I do not need awards. For me, the reward - to do what I love, "- says Sergey. According to him, there is no different styles and directions in dance. There are single and free spirit, which manifests itself through the body. The only difference is in the person's personality.





He does not have global plans, what and how it should be. No plans to be the best. It seeks to mindfulness.


"I wanted to, and there will only be himself. I want to make a favorite thing every day even brighter and more accurate. Life itself is my path. Yeah ... there is something! "- Smiles Sergey. 

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