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Photography as the knowledge itself.


  Now I will share with you a secret. And the sharper man picks up these connections, the more inner strength he has.


The magazine presents a selection of articles on psihologii.Razvitii person's identity by means of art. Help in understanding ourselves and the world around us.

Useful articles Journal 

Who am I?


The story of an unnamed author. if we hear the words from the song and see the traffic from the dance, then we do not hear and do not see God. Surprisingly, when I look through the viewfinder camera, I feel a line of thought patterns, her feelings.

Как фотографировать модель? 


Подать девушку в лечшес свете.

женщины интуитивно чувствуют кто из мужчин-фотографов может предоставить для них подобную возможность.

Все как в жизни.

Contemporary art visual drug XXI century.  


We can create a piece of modern art. This is an opportunity to be yourself .. 

Art to smile.  


And most importantly, you and I will not bore yourself nuances of what's there and how. I'll show you my pictures.

I'll introduce you to Belgium

Ballstad Norway


The story of the journey to Norway. More precisely one of the 10 extreme days spent on the Lofoten Islands. Storm "Nicholas" brought destruction to Europe

Humen is born a traveler


Sampling the decisive moment! Travel and see the world with my own eyes and make your eyes of other people. Where, with whom, and how I want to travel? The cost of the journey.

The Art of Being Yourself  


Contact the body, energy and spirit. Are we each other and their environment? Man can not know where it came from and what it means to be until he wakes up. Arts watch.

Вы можете предложить свою статью-  рассказ о современном искусстве или развитии и познании человеком себя и окружающего мира.