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Teatr dance "Menada". Presentation movie "Chicago"


With this team I have great creative relationship. I work with three concert compositions. Helping with the production numbers, the dancers teach acting skills and internal aspects of contemporary choreography. 


Contemporary Dance Theatre "Magic."


In this composition Vitas "Star" I felt something in common. She helped me to express. Each piece of dance became part of my life. Thank Vitas.

Girls and boys of contemporary dance theater "Magic" has always been my best friends. Many of these students today are the leading choreographers of the country.


I was always attracted lively dance.


Dance a little bit like a movie, a dance-like life itself.


Fragments from the concerts. 

Engage in video production wedding films recently become give me great pleasure.


One man told me that I mount wedding film as if dancing.


Probably rights). 

Videos, movies, commercials. 

Modern dance styles 

Dance show "Menada"


The presentation video.


Feature film "Peaceful Warrior," a perfect illustration to the theme of the site. As it addresses the issues of psychology and self-development. And most importantly help to understand themselves and find their way.


I recommend to all interested in NLP training courses and seminars for personal development, as well as athletes and dancers are particularly looking for a completely different level of strength and technique.