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Price Euro 1,399

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Full calculation in Iceland.



Type of trip. Expedition in Iceland. 10 days. Group of 5-6 people.

Expedition Program in Iceland

Expedition to Iceland in winter and summer

01.27- 02.06/2018, 07.19-28/2018 

Our aim is a deep discovery of nature.


Bring good professional photos.

Meeting at the airport in Reykjavik. We sit in the car and go to the apartment, have dinner and go out to our first photo point..


Skogafoss waterfall, Lava fields, Black sand, Seljalandfoss waterfall, Vatnajökjöldl National Park, Jakulsarlon Lagoon, Skaftafel Glacier, Gulfossus Falls, Grundarfjordur, Malifell Volcano, Stones Iceland are places of our visit in Iceland and beyond.


In the summer time of the expedition we go clockwise the Golden Ring in Iceland.

In the winter, counterclockwise. We will certainly go deeper into Iceland to enjoy the incredible land relief and see more inaccessible beautiful places.


It is worth noting. that it is necessary to take into account the weather conditions in Iceland, so a more accurate route will be determined in Iceland.

The main places of our residence and places of photography are marked on the map.


The approach to photography is carried out taking into account the light factors, the positions of the sun, moon and stars. We will bring professional photos.


The price includes accommodation, 3 meals, transport by island, guide and friend services. I'll help you make good photos. I'll tell you the technical aspects of the camera. I will share the secrets of photo processing on the computer.

I'll tell you a few basic laws of composition.

Every day, you must review your footage. This will allow you to make better photos every day.

Before our departure from Iceland, on the way to the airport we will swim in the blue lagoon (a natural hot spring). With a pure soul and body, with incredible emotions and magical photos, we will return home.

So do not forget the girls swimsuits, and the guys are shorts!)


The cost of photoexposure is not included Schengen visa, insurance, air tickets, additional personal expenses.


For you, other photo tours in different countries of the world.

Friends. The beauty of Iceland can not be overestimated.


Perhaps there is not as much ice in Iceland as in Greenland, but there is everything that our Planet is rich in. In Iceland, there are all natural values ​​(waterfalls, geysers, volcanoes, ice, mountains, fjords, lakes, valleys, colorful earth and sand ...)


Iceland is created by the creator for the photographer and for an incredible landscape. You will fall in love with this camp, and it helps to reveal the world and yourself. See you in Iceland


For 2 or more people discount 10%


Make a reservation and collect a backpack!

from January 27 to February 6.2018

From 19 to 28 July. 2018

We will pay special attention to the canyon and glacier of Scaftaftel, from which you can see the highest mountain of Iceland Hwannadalschnukur, as well as the lagoon of ice. Perhaps someone knows, maybe not.

Directors from all over the world use Iceland as a film set.

On the island of Iceland were filmed- Several honors James Bond, Oblivion with Tom Cruise, Noah with Russell Crowe, Super Fantastic film Tor 2, Game of Thrones, Black's Game. And this is not all films made in Iceland.

This is a country of endless light in the summer-21 hours, and deep sunsets in the winter, creating an incredible twilight.

The unpredictability of the weather in Iceland obliges us to stay closer to the ring. In the winter season, sunlit areas are the south of the island,

Therefore, we make maximum use of the regime time of photography for waterfalls, Stocknes and the entire southern coast.


But in the summer a completely different story. In the summer, we can afford to go deeper into the center of Iceland even more. Geysers and valleys with a fantastic relief and color of sand will not be left without attention ... If you start your trip from the north, you can find even more fantastic parts of Iceland, not so much visited by tourists.