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In this gallery you can see the pictures of different genres. (Philosophy, portrait, wedding photography, genre, reportage and photo-travel). Each slider is a limited number of photos, but there is a possibility of additional viewing. Usually photographs themselves love to confess for myself, but I will explain about each section. Enjoy watching. 

Genres and types of contemporary photography.

G A L L E R Y    P H O T O


They know how to do everything ... or almost everything. Can roll themselves into a knot and get kicked up clouds. They say that it is not cold on the set, though tremors are not terminated. Many people want to train hard because. Constantly measure the extra milligrams of its weight. It is easier to move than to stand. Constant risk, especially camera photos. Dancers, choreographers and photographer Sergey Mikhalyuk. Photo shoot in the city and in the countryside.

Photos in the genre of philosophy. I've always seen the connection with other forms of human life. In this section, I emphasize the importance of human rights. In the world of cognition and nepoznanom he coupling element. 

The beauty of the human senses, where the expressiveness of the eyes, hands and body are important, and the skill of the photographer to see and Catch most lively moment in the shooting. The presence of the image does not conceal but rather reveals the identity of the person. And all this - Artistic portrait. 

If you had to visit many countries in Europe and Asia, but this place- something special ... Norway. She took me to fall in love, and in himself. On each trip taking lenses with different focal distance. Photos obtained are always different.

Bruges, Ghent, Knokke- here is calm and quiet. Walking with a camera in the cities of Belgium feel like last time 

Today, the wedding did not take pictures of only those who have no camera. I've got it!)

Art photo. Knowing silent, saying not know. The best that can leave behind the master is empty.