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The person is born to be a traveler

She rushes swiftly from the top, skirting every stone jut. It falls sometimes freely for dozens seconds, turning into a raging stream of the mountain river, feeding all the beings on the way. She may not even remember what was before. The sea and the ocean are waiting for her, or she may dissolve into the airstream and fall in the form of snow back on the top. What is the meaning of her journey? Where is the reason?


Whether we watch some movie or read some book, whether we go by bus or fly on a plane, we want some adventures. If the bus stops for some extra minutes, we will feel inward discomfort. That is why we do not like traffic jams. The person looks for movement. These movements are more often directed at the outward world, but we look for some changes and adventures within us over time. We all are the travelers of our lives. Only the selected roads can vary, depending on the personal preferences. Today we will talk about travelling in the outward world. All of them are closely connected with our inner nature, and each selected route is not accidental, leaving its mark in the history of our personality. 

So, something became the impetus for us to travel, and some desire, some dream were born within us. From time to time, we sneak up to the implementation of our objectives. How can it be without it? The person lives due to it. There are some peculiarities how to prepare for the journey, the so called the subtleties of tourism. Today the modern world offers to the person a crazy range of services in the travelling sphere. 


"You pay - we organize your holiday" is the motto of the majority of travel agencies. Not to get confused in these very services, we begin to learn everything by ourselves, read the reviews, look photoreports – we target, so to say.


There are several questions, with which the planning of any trip starts:

Where do we want to travel?

Who do we want to travel with?

How do we want to travel?

How much money can we spend for a trip?

Basing on the above questions, we adjust to our desire-dream, and make it real.

If our brains are stuck in laziness, and our hearts are a prey to doubts, we only want to pay and not to think about it longer. In this case, we go to the travel agencies, and then we will be led to the trodden paths of someone else's story, and we will not even notice anything special in our "journey". If you do not have spare money and want to write the story of your personality, then the information below is just for you.  

Kayaking through the fjords among the rocks. 

This is, at first glance, the easiest question. WATCH OUT. What is dictated by the media and the Internet, is not ours by far. One of my friends was so confused with the choice, and it was already unbearable for him to sit on the same place, so he went up to the map and threw a dart in it. Yes, he went there where the arrow hit. He traveled to an African country. In a different way, but we throw the darts too.


On the planet Earth there are a huge number of beautiful places and countries which are worth our attention: Europe and Asia, Africa and America, Turkey, Egypt, Brazil, Norway, Spain, New Zealand, Italy, France, Portugal, India, Morocco, Belgium, Russia, Georgia, Canada, Cyprus, Canada, Argentina, Nepal, China, Japan ... This list is very long. Undoubtedly, every country has its people and its culture, traditions, and it is what that attracts the travelers. But does the name of the country determine our desire to travel so much?


There is another way to test yourself. You can try to ask yourself some other questions and listen to your feelings. Where do I want to be? What do I want to see? What feelings do I want to experience? This is already more interesting, because you need not to listen to the history of the mankind and the opinions of others any more, you need to listen to yourself.


Where to travel?

One day I accidentally witnessed such a conversation in the young company:


- I want to warm up after a long winter, I want to sunbathe.


- It is better to go to the desert then. There is still something to see there.


- I just want to ride a bike on the seashore.


- Guys, let's go to the mountains. What can be better?


- No. The best thing is to travel by boat between the different countries.


- Let's go nowhere, and buy a new TV-set and a large sofa and will travel every day at any time, wherever we want.


Yes, and it will also be a tourist program. Only we will not see the world with our own eyes. I have always liked the fact that we can change the image of our journey at any moment, breathe the air of the mountains and seas, feel the power and silence of nature, see and communicate with different people. It does not matter what we do in the social life: sing, dance, photograph, drive a car or have a big business, the journey itself is important, because it is we.

How do we want to travel?

It does not matter: by bicycle, by car with friends or family, on a plane and ferry, by kayak and train, on a yacht or just walking with a backpack and a rug. To get new feelings and impressions we go to the mountains and climb a glacier, ski and skydive, conquer the air and water with the help of special devices and equipment, risking our lives, climb a skyscraper to take pictures of ourselves with our cell phones. It is madness, bordering on courage.


Yes, the person is born to be a traveler. He/ she just needs new feelings and discoveries of the world. The modern person does not stop on the planet Earth. He travels farther. He conquers the space. He continues to improve and uses everything at hand: a wheel, stick, board ... Only the human spirit knows that there are no barriers for it. It pushes us to the place where the impossible becomes possible and the unreal becomes real.


                                                                  Who do we want to travel with? 


Choosing the way of our path and answering the question how to travel, we look for a fellow traveler. These are family, friends, colleagues. But where and how our holiday would take place, it is important to realize that we are the travelers of our own lives, and that is why the real journey starts with its own way. There is nothing comprehensible, because studying and revealing ourselves, we understand, appreciate and love the people dear to us.


I love the life, not because I am in it, but because it is flowing in me.

The journey to the mountains to be closer to heaven.. 

Travelling to the cities of Europe and Asia. 

Cycling along the seashore. 

How much money can we spend for a trip?

Our budget, fortunately or not, determines the possibilities of the Sunday holiday or a romantic trip in many ways, and we consequently need to learn how to plan and organize ourselves and our travelling. It is also another opportunity to revise our goals and desires, and to understand how it is truly important to us to choose travelling "around the world" and leave the beloved "sofa" to our cats. This is the art of managing ourselves. 

We have to make a choice: to see the world with our own eyes, what requires courage, or be simply consumers of information and make our own eyes the other people`s ones. The first variant is risky, the second one is more reliable. The first variant is more extravagant, the second one is more economical, because we risk to stay with our own feelings and experience and there will be nobody to blame. In the second case, there is always a sofa and to pass the buck to somebody else.


If we still choose travelling, if we choose to see the beauty and majesty of the surrounding world with our own eyes, we have to delve into the subtleties of tourism and learn them. These are visa issues, finding and purchasing tickets, planning where and how we are going to spend the night, where and how to eat, how to navigate to the "cherished dream" in the foreign country. We also need to think about our clothing according to the chosen route and climatic conditions of the area. We should the cash money of the foreign country and the payment card and much more ... But these are trifles. After all, when the choice is made, our whole being, our strength activate then.


A few days ago, I returned from Norway and just at the entrance to Belarus, between the border with Lithuania, three young people (two girls and a guy) hopped on the bus. It turned out you cannot even cross the border of your native country on foot. You can do it on a byke, but not on foot.


So, they were with the large backpacks, and the ice axes were lying close to their rugs. "Oh, God!" – I thought. I began to ask the guys slowly where they were coming from. It turned out that they had been going to climb Mont Blanc. They are not 20 years old yet, but they had gathered to conquer Mont Blanc. Wow… They are fine fellows, brave and crazy (in good sense). As a result, they had not conquer the top. They even did not have even money left on the way back, but they were cheerful and happy. Bravo.

What is acquired with the personal experience, is impossible to lose.

But you must be ready to see Europe like this. 

And if you suddenly do not have enough money to spend the night in a hotel like this,

And see the sunrise. 

you can spend it at a campsite like this 

And you will have to have breakfast on the lake shore only this way. 
But when we climb high into the mountains, it can be so. 
But it is so nice, having climbed down the mountains, to dry near the sea.

You can certainly travel on the beach like this. 

To learn how to use money rationally is also the art. As my friend of mine said once: "Everybody can travel if he/ she has much money." If we really want, if we have already ready for something special to happen in our lives, we will always find the opportunity. We can use a plane, car, boat, motorcycle, bicycle or just our feet. All this is interesting. I have used all the means, depending on the financial state and on the task of the route. You can go by feet not so long, but using transport the way is so quick. That is why I alternated, admired and photographed. I do not know, my choice and intuition always helped me, and I met always some aid on the way. The choice and faith determine our success largely.


Set big tasks and act. A hidden opportunity hides in every failure and obstacle. It happens so that today I organize travelling and phototours myself, help to determine the route and share my experience. Each country has its pitfalls. I do not pretend to be the most powerful photographer. The photography is just the way to sharpen perception. By the way, last time in Norway I spent less than 400 euros for a week, and this sum contained the two-ways tickets, despite the fact that Norway is one of the most expensive countries in the world.


Thank you, travelling. Good luck, friends. Travel to your pleasure.

The person is born to be a traveler and he/ she has everything to travel and see the world with his/ her own eyes.



The author: Siarhei Mikhaliuk
Paolo Coelho about travelling. 


The choice is a crucial point.

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