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The man realized long ago that simply chasing the mammoth to live does not suit him, and the woman does not want to restrict herself with cooking. We need feelings. New feelings.

We need the answers to the questions in which we are interested for a long time. We want to create. We want to use the strength which rages within us fully, the energy, with which we are endowed from birth. Surely, few people feel it. Those, in whom this strength has awakened are called selected. I cannot state anything. I just share my experience, my feelings.



One day when I have been engaged in contemporary choreography for a long time, a usual night came after a regular training. Only the morning appeared to be unusual. I realized suddenly that I could paint. I did not even wondered what I needed to learn how to paint. That very day I dropped in the shop and bought canvas, paints, and I began to paint in the evening. For some reasons I knew how to touch the canvas with the brush and how thin to lead the line. I would had to learn still much, but I believed. Since I have believed in a person in a different way. I believed in myself. I remember these feelings still good. I got pleasure not because of the brushes and paints, I got it because of those thrill, which had arose inside me. Something elusive went outside with each touch to the paper and canvas. Now I understand well that everything can be so: you can drive a car and cook, you can play with the children in such a way.


And you can take pictures so. Photography has become one of the ways of personal cognition for me. How often do we want to take something good and interesting and then to show nice photos to our friends and the people from the whole planet? What do we need for it? What do we need to take good photos? Where can we learn this? How to photograph a model? How to shoot a masterpiece? Is there a magical button on our cameras called a "masterpiece"? THERE IS!


















During the centuries, the person has been striving to find the sense of his/ her origin. He/ she looks for the answers to the questions. Who am I?  For what was I born? Why am I here? Where does such a craving for cognition appear to a person from? Where do such thoughts crowd in his/ her mind from at all?  There are no clear answers. Everybody decides for him/ herself, where he/ she is from: from a monkey or due to the Creator or the person has appeared as a result of alien occupation.

I do not know. We perceive this world only through ourselves, with our feelings and logical reasoning. Exclusiveness gives the person the possibility to put him/ herself in the center of the world, in which the events of the rest people and creatures revolve. And the possibility to see, hear and feel let us catch the connections between these events. And the sharper the person catch them, the bigger inner power he/ she has. 




How to shoot a "masterpiece"? 



So, get ready. Now I will share a secret with you. Well, are you ready? It is better to write, because you hold the camera not accidentally. You have had the desire and need.


The secret is in the feelings. Yes, you just need to feel what you are doing. From childhood, we are taught to think, and it is not bad. But we have to learn to feel themselves. To think a lot is too much, to think little is not enough. It is necessary to plan the shooting process. And the more precise it is, the better it is. What to bring to the shooting? What light should be? What look is the best for the model? How to choose the right space for the shooting, basing on the idea and image? What lens is preferable here? All these questions deal with the thoughts and you need learn this all. But they will not be worth anything if one does not learn to feel.


If you are going to shoot, listen to yourself. Do not run, trying to swallow a sandwich. We are in a hurry. We have no time. We will be late, but we are already late. Relax, listen to yourselves. The feelings, which are thin as threads, will tingle your body along with the sense of excitement. It is not necessary to be the supreme judge and determine what is true, and what is not. Just OBSERVE. With time, wisdom appears in such situations. We need to let our energy, our strength to rush within us. Raging wave of emotions or quiet and transparent state - all these are signs that some miracle must happen. You  are ready to Create.


Do not take a picture, if you do not want. Do not take the camera unnecessarily. Do not edit the photos, writing up in the social network at the same time. Do not do it, when you do not feel what must be born. Do not take photos of the model, if you do not feel him/ her or yourself.


These are not the rules of good photography. It is the ability to join the subtle world, the world of emotions, feelings states and isolation, through the photos, because the photography is the result of personal cognition, and the abilities of five senses help intuition to come out. And the more feelings the person has at the moment of committing some action, the higher his/ her skill and professionalism. These feelings give the impulse to the thoughts, and the ideas and images are born to the person. These feelings give impulse to the body, and then we already know how to put the foot, and there is the feedback. We begin to believe, because we get the result. We begin to believe in ourselves and in everything we create. And with every moment of this faith people find deeper and deeper the answers to the long-existing questions as: who am I, where have I come from and why am I here?

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