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Fototour in Norway in summer and winter 2016-2017


Dear friends!

I would like to invite you to a tour in Norway, in fantastic country of the Scandinavian Peninsula. People from all over the world endeavour to touch to a source of greatness and beauty. A state of that places couldn’t be reproduced from even the most masterly photo, it should be felt.

I have already written and I will write a lot of articles about Norway, which gives me inspiration to live. 

What is interesting in summer in Norway? 

There is perpetual day in summer in Norway, that’s why there is light even at night. It let you make too many photos. Sunrises and sunsets are peculiar magic of Scandinavian nature, and fiords in sun rays, which are surrounded of high mountains, look like a very big photographic studio, where invisible artist rule the placing of lights. Mountainous hikes could be done even by children, but not all… So, if you are afraid of height and cannot go to a break which height is more than 350 m, where clouds creep under your feet, then maybe you are not afraid of water and ready to paddle a kayak in Norwegian fiords. There are a wonderful walking and perfect foreshortening for snapshots. You can spend more time outdoors, ponder over something, communicate and practice meditation in summer.


Summer is a wonderful time for phototour in Norway.


There is a trip near coast around different fiords. I made a schedule and we will follow the path. There are pedestrian tour, cycle rides, transference by bus and ferry in schedule. You can find too much bilberries and strawberries on headlong rocks, where brooks and waterfalls stream down. Ripe and juicy berry attract to throw down backpacks and…

Too many mountainous rivers and lakes, where velvety summits of hills are reflected, attract travelers from all over the world.  

Where can you pass the night in Norway? 

You can spend the night in tent in well-appointed camping, where you can use a shower, WC and where you have a opportunity to cook a food. My plan of a Norwegian tour is very flexible and mobile, it includes a lot of transference and communication with new people, also it includes light-extreme walks for someone who wishes. This country and citizen of Norway are something particular. It looks like nobody doesn’t control you. If you want, you can pay for a ticket, if you want – you don’t do it. If that people decide to help you, it will be completely. 


Norwegian tour in winter.


There is Aurora Borealis from the end of autumn till the beginning of spring. The light day is not so long in that time, but the weather is absolutely unpredictable and the illumination of hills and lakes is amazing.

The winter in Norway is a mystery of a lively ice and snow. I would like to name a Norwegian winter phototour as a tour to fairytale within the Polar circle, to places of Vikings and amazing fantastic creatures. This tour will be on the Lofoten Islands, on the endmost lands of the earth.  

extra tour: Free choice.