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                   Who am I?

Tale of anonymous author.

Dancers try to imitate the elements of nature in modern dance. They learn to tread emotionally to every gesture and motion, experience the station of made-up character. In martial arts people learn to be strong and cunning in the way of identity themselves with animals and birds.

And it’s provided that human finds answers on questions about human – being and getting closer to the main question – who am I? How is that when we develop principles of existence outward things we steal up to proper core? This core is a main point of own existence. People usually ask me to help with teaching of children and adults. They are clamped, they lack themselves confidence, they don’t feel themselves, motions are dull. And finally they haven’t some energy. That words of other pedagogues. And this despite the fact, that bygone masters of military arts leave their secrets. If you can’t find answers for questions here and now, it means that you should search it deeper inside of the history. All that modern choreography learns nowadays, ancient East masters scrutinized it successfully. Whether we like to admit or no, but it’s true. 


          If man takes up photography, dances, turns to painting or another kind of arts, he studies HIMSELF.


So is it true that elements of nature of wild animals live in us? Is it true every man as entity hides inside opposite emotions which can take offence or raise close friend? 

Nowadays you can’t surprise even a child that we have too much information about how you can become a genius or a millionaire or a clairvoyant. We can put out hand, touch a few little buttons and learn our past and future. And do you think that stars, Wikipedia, Google or Yandex can answer the question: “Who am I?”

NO. Only if you learn and explore yourself you will approximate to the truth. There is nothing around us that we have inside. But we have a lot of things that serve as check to insight.


                          One disciple came up to his teacher and started to ask a lot of questions. A master answered:

You should go and do what you like – and your questions will disappear.

There are not tasks outwards that we cannot find inside ourselves. I don’t teach to dance and wushu. I don’t teach to take a pictures and to have a sensitivity of arts. I just help to learn you yourself. And I think that nobody can teach man. He can do it just himself. And shape and kind of arts are just tools to touch to lofty and thin world. This world is a world of God. Because


                         if we hear the words of song and see motion of dance, we don’t hear and see God.


I cannot understand why men and women can’t stop to blame with each other. And why did I understand that I just should learn myself to find peace recently? And let women won’t believe me, but some men will agree whit me that we cannot come to the point with the opposite sex. But it is possibly to fix your attitude to happening.


I love study. I love it so much. I understood it after school graduating, when nobody say to me what I should do. I heard feelings about interest of learning outward things. The sensations inside my body attract me especially. I was developing sport games at once, was writing diaries and was organizing myself competitions between street teams. I could win 3 rivals in one seance of chess even if I don’t look to their boards. And before I went to the army I won the 1st prize of Breakdance festival in Robot style. It’s not unusual, it is very usual thing.


                                                          I just did that I love deep inside my heart. 


I haven’t aim to be good or bad. I haven’t aim to win and to become the best and the richest. I just did that I loved.

I have a lot of feelings in my constitution today… I feel how blood flows and I hear pulsation in every point of my body. I feel how solid and formless energy flow inside of me. You can concentrate, consolidate and transfer it. I feel a station of another man and I see how the energy flows inside of him. The most visible things are standstills and blockade of energy in organism. It’s astonishing but when I look to the view-finder of camera I feel turn of thought of model, her feelings.


So who am I? There are a lot of feelings inside of me, but in dance world they named me a human-machine. The motions of mine are the result of colossal inside trainings. It is just self-discipline and control. It is ability of alternation of effort and weakness in ordinary life and in dancer’s, photograph’s, film director’s and teacher’s life.


I don’t feel that I am somebody of that people. But I have relevance to their work. But I know that I have something inside of me that I cannot tell you, ‘cause I can’t find words to tell. It is something speechless and amazing. I feel that it have never started and it will never finish. It can be in any shape, but any shape won’t be like it. Even in childhood I caught that station from fragments. Today I feel it better. I feel good and safely. And also I have a sense of self-sufficiency and serenity.

That’s the way I am – just beginning of wonderful adventure which have length more than life. This is a way with the distance of eternity.

 P.S. I am too old, and at the same time I just have been born)         GALLERY