Photo tour to Norway
Lofoten and Senja



Photo tour to the Lofoten Islands and the island of Senya.


Northern lights in Lofoten and Senja in winter. Flight over Lofoten by plane in winter and summer.

More mountain routes in summer. Summer round-the-clock photography in Norway.

08.03 - 16.03/2024    15.06 - 23.06/2024

The magic of the Lofoten Islands. 

Lofoten Islands. How much has already been written about them. How much more will there be? In my life I have met people who were disappointed in the cities of Europe, but I have not met people who would not want to return to Norway in the Lofoten Islands. Do people call these places by different names? "A fairy tale beyond the Arctic Circle, The magic of Lofoten, The most beautiful islands in the world, World's end."

Each season has its own special state and magic.

Lofoten is made for photography. The magic of light and color, the magical patterns of clouds never repeat. Great reliefs of mountain ranges and fjords

In winter, Norway gives the traveler-photographer the Northern Lights. The overflows of the sky, painted in different colors, against the background of snow-capped peaks.


The amazing island of Senja in Norway.

Lofoten and Senja are the most photographic places in Norway. Therefore, during this photo tour, we use to the maximum every spectacular point of these fantastic places.

These islands are especially great for lovers of mountain scenery. There are about 50 pointed peaks on the island of Senja.

Three of the bottom - Hesten, Segla, Kvanan. These peaks of power and are magnificent, and the view of these mountains in the summertime is reminiscent of New Zealand and the Dolomites. These peaks cannot be reached by car, and you have to walk. The routes are not difficult. Climbing some mountains does not take much time, this allows you to quickly get to the top point you need for photography.


Summer and winter are different beauties and of course different opportunities for photography.

The Lofoten Islands and Senja are good locations for both horizontal and vertical panoramas, an excellent opportunity to use a drone for both video and photography.

Daylight hours in summer in Norway are 24 hours. I took pictures at 1am in Norway even without a tripod. The sun does not go below the horizon at night, and the whole space becomes like a soft softbox. We can say that all night in the summer in Norway is a regime time. You come back after an evening photoset, have a bite to eat, and again for a photo hunt. Well, no expanse for a landscape photographer!


Important: We will not rush anywhere. Our goal is good photos! But there is another important feature - this is the weather, it is always unpredictable for polar Norway. Clouds rush across the sky like crazy. Using the ND-1000 filter will allow you to get the most incredible sky pattern, and emphasize the magic of nature.





A-Lofoten, Reine, Hamnoe, Svolvaer, Balstad, Ramberg, Henningsvaer, Tromsø, Senja

Tre Cime di Lavaredo or Segla.



For me Tre Cime di Lavaredo in Italy and Segla in Norway are the most beautiful mountain peaks to photograph. Moreover, Segla is so seductive that it attracts every tourist of the island of Senja.


It must be said that Norway has the largest number of tunnels in the world, including the longest - more than 20 km. So, to get to Segla, you need to drive through several tunnels, where the last one on the way resembles a fantastic quest - a winding road, shabby walls along which water flows, and strange sounds ... The hiking route to Segla is not difficult, where views of all 4 side of the world.

Photo tour to Norway. Description, cost.

The group meets at the airport in Tromso, get acquainted, discuss the details of the upcoming tour, and go! Our first place of the tour is Senja.

During the whole tour, our group is settled in cozy houses in the Lofoten Islands and Senja, which have everything you need for modern life and a good rest (Shower, internet, kitchen, beds, bedding, utensils for cooking ..).

The route through northern Norway is based on the physical capabilities of each participant.


The cost of this tour includes: accommodation, travel by car in Norway, services of a photographer-guide, with knowledge of the main key points of the photo scheme. Photography lessons (composition, processing) - for those who wish, as well as a mandatory analysis of the footage, the organization of this tour, those who will help control the drone.


The cost of the photo tour does not include: visa, insurance, air tickets to Tromsø and back, personal expenses, meals.

If you need individual accommodation in an apartment or hotel, please inform in advance.

The purchase of air tickets is agreed with the group leader after booking confirmation.

For those who wish, there is an opportunity to make a boat trip for whales.


BONUS: In the Lofoten Islands, it is possible to fly a light aircraft during sunrise or sunset over the fjords and mountain peaks, with the cockpit windows open.

The cost per person is 125-150 euros per flight hour.


So: On the road for good photos.






Price: From €1499

Duration - 8 nights.

Deposit 30% - prepayment immediately.
Another 40% - 10 days before the start of the tour.

The rest of the amount - upon arrival.

Participants of previous tours discount - 7%

Bookings from two or more people -7%

In order for us to go on a photo expedition, it is enough to make a booking request. Further by e-mail we will help you prepare for the trip, we will send a list of recommended things.